Troubleshoot Project Online

While it is easy to get hands on your own Project Server installation on premise with Project Online you do not have access to the diagnostic logs, the services or even the full central administration. So how do you actually troubleshoot your Project Online tenant in case there is an error? Actually it is even easier, because Microsoft does it for you!

If you need another reason why you should consider Project Online here we go. I just set up a PoC environment for a customer and one of those “Sorry, something went wrong” messages appeared. (It’s been a while since I saw that message during the very early days of Project Online). Of course with a correlation ID and the hint that you should look up the error in the logs. As you do not have access to the logs by yourself let someone else look at it!

Go to your Office 365 admin center and select support in the quick launch. There are some frequently asked questions and solutions for typicall issues like directoy synchronization, DNS setup to connect to your own domain etc. But we are looking for the service requests section


Select either serivce requests for an overview over your existing service requests in the upper navigation bar or select new service request on the right. Now you are guided through some questions about the type, the service. The more accurate you are the better support you will get!


If you did choose to call directly the support in the then you will be asked again depending on the selection you did in step three. My guidance here is to open a ticket and not to call because you can be much more specific and precise and the ticket is routed to the right people.


Now the most important part: Add the details as precise as you can be. Give the support people an accurate descrition of the steps you did, if you could reproduce the error and how. I also prefer to copy the whole error message into the textbox but the most important information are the correlation ID and the timestamp. You will find that under the Technical Details on the original error screen.


Add some screenshots if helpful and you are ready to submit the message.


And here is the great thing. Within minutes I got the message that my ticket was forwarded to an escalation engineer and just an hour later I got the message from Brian Smith himself that they they took care of the issue and it’s resolved. With the timestamp and the correlation ID they analysed the log, solved the issue, made me very happy!

Kudos to Microsoft!

Now think about that. Can your support organization beat that?


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