Project 2013 – Can you show me the new features?

During the last weeks we had several events, customer presentations and live demos for Microsoft Project 2013. And each time there was the big question – what’s really new? So it was on the CeBIT. Most people asked: “Can you show me the new features?” Of course, I can!

Let me summarize this for you!

The real new thing is

  • the ease of use (drag & drop with SharePoint documents, copy & paste in lists, no differentiation between SharePoint and Project)
  • the very good web based planning (identical timeline in the client and in the web, timeline across projects and even with milestones out of projects)
  • the quick and easy to use reports
  • the possibilities with SharePoint workflows (post will follow)
  • of course the unstructured planning based on a SharePoint site and later with more structure you just connect to Project Server (my personal favorite!)
  • and last but not least the MySite where all tasks – and I really mean all  tasks – a user is assigned to show up. No matter if they are tasks in a SharePoint list or tasks within a project plan. Awesome!

To make it short: This is really a version for Project & Portfoliomanagement together with your daily work. This is hard to tell just with articles or my bullet points. So try it out, get your online tenant or ask me how to get one 😉


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